Weizong Zhou

Computer Science Student,


I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Washington. My major is Computer Science & Software Engineering. I enjoy web and mobile development. I've learnt Git, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, AngularJS andMySQL, visit the projects page or my GitHub profile.


Lady Problems Global Hackathon Winner

Develop a web dashboard to display real-time meeting participation data such as individual speak time and interruptions, create backend APIs to process and analyze real-time data streaming. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, AngularJS.....

Full-Stack Developer

Built a website (https://pihchub.org) from scratch for helping local communities to find healthcare providers online. Designed and implemented backend REST APIs in Salesforce to support search functionalities in the UI......

project 3

This was the first period where evidence of dinosaurs is present, though they were not there at the very beginning. It began right after the Permian mass extinction which wiped out 90% of all life and marks the beginning of the Mesozoic Era.